pondělí 4. července 2016

Generation E

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I'm Done With This Life by Ely
We are the generation of Escapists
Forget the Y, X, Z and call us E
Because we
Run away, deep inside
To our obsessive soliloquies and unreal networks
To distract ourselves from this artificial matrix
Of conventions, traditions, red tapes and mouth tapes
Superiors and deceiving exteriors
Interdictions and soothing fictions
And numb brain-dead masses

Call us the generation I for short
For we Imprison our voices
By imaginary choices
Run away, deep inside
To paint the town grey with Neurol and Lexaurin
Laugh at your death with Xanax or Rivotril
Silencing M&Ms to get you in a good place
Erase and replace to fit in, you disgrace!
Become a shell – of you a living allegory
But… that comes with the territory

So that no one notices the cage
With the laths made from the dread
Of an invisible intentional threat
Spinning, spinning, spinning round
Just don’t notice the way out

We are the generation of Net
Of the safety net.

Dead Men Walking by Ely
Omlouvám se neangličtinářům, slabším angličtinářům nebo lidem s odporem k poezii. Ta hra s idiomy bohužel nelze nijak přeložit a česky já to neumím. Neumím to dobře ani anglicky, ale muselo to ven.

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